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High-purity grades with few trace elements for more accurate test results. Consistent quality enables repeatable results. Ongoing inspections provide consistent purity and desired air content. Ability to meet ASTM standards instills confidence in test results. Multiple plants ISO 9001 certified to help ensure product quality and accountability. U.S. SILICA COMPANYSand and Ground Silica Sand (flour) sold under various names:ASTM TESTING SANDS GLASS SAND U.S. Silica Company . 8490 Progress Drive, Suite 300 . Frederick, MD 21701 . U.S.A. 301-682-0600 . For all sand & ground silica products:Active Minerals International, LLC . ASTM Graded and 20 30 Sand datasheetTesting Silica U.S. Silica's testing sands are appropriate for Hydraulic and Masonry Testing (C-109) They are available in Graded and 20/30 grades, both conforming to ASTM C-778 "The Original Ottawa Silica" ASTM Cement Testing Standards MATE~SAFETYDATASHEETaug-13-1997 10:16 304-258-8295 p.002/009 ~. u. s. silicacompany mate~safetydatasheet silica sand sold under various names:astm testing sands glass sand flint silica U.S. SILICA COMPANY SAFETY DATA SHEETU.S. SILICA COMPANY Safety Data Sheet Silica Sand or Ground Silica Page 3 of 9 Date of preparation/revision:May 4, 2015 Where necessary to reduce exposures below the PEL or other applicable limit (if lower than the PEL), wear a FLINT SIUCA F-SERIES FOUNDRY SANDS. H-SERIES . L Do not use U. S. Silica CompaLY materials for sandblasting. The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR Sections 1910.1200, 1915.99, 1917.28, 1918.90, 1926.59, and 1928.21, and state and local worker or community "right to know" Evaluation of ASTM G65 abrasive Spanning 13 years of sandThe test abrasive was obtained from U.S. Silica Co. in Ottawa Illinoi s over the course of thirteen years (1997, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Table I). It was received in 23 kg (50 pound) bags that MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - Connecticut CollegeU. S. SILICA COMPANY MSDS - MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Product Names/Trade Names:Silica Sand sold under various names:ASTM TESTING SANDS GLASS SAND FLINT SILICA DM-SERIES F-SERIES FOUNDRY SANDS FJ-SERIES FP-SERIES H-SERIES L-SERIES N-SERIES NJ-SERIES OK- Analysis of the Silica Percent in - ASTM InternationalNov 27, 2013 · Nov 27, 2013 · This manuscript analyzes the % of silica in dust samples for the U.S. mining industry collected from 1997 to 2011. In the metal/nonmetal (M/NM) industry, metal and sand and gravel mines showed the highest silica U . S . S IL IC A C O M P A N YU . S . S IL IC A C O M P A N Y M S D S - M A T E R IA L S A F E T Y D A T A S H E E T Product Names/Trade Names :Silica Sand sold under various nam es:ASTM TESTING SANDS ! G L A S S S A N D ! F L IN T S IL IC A ! D M -S E R IE S ! F -S E R IE S ! FOUNDRY SANDS ! F J-S E R IE S ! F P -S E R IE S ! H -S E R IE S ! UoS. SILICA COMPANYSilica Sand sold under various names:ASTM TESTING SANDS. GLASS SAND FLINT SILICA. DM-SERIES The U. S. Silica Company material is a white or tan sand, or ground sand. It is not flammable. combustible or explosive. It does not cause bums or severe skin or eye irritation. A single exposure will not result in serious adverse health U.S. SILICA COMPANY SAFETY DATA SHEETU.S. SILICA COMPANY SAFETY DATA SHEET 1. IDENTIFICATION Product identifier:Silica Sand or Ground Silica; crystalline silica (quartz) Product Name/Trade Names:Sand and Ground Silica Sand (sold under various names:ASTM TESTING SANDS GLASS SAND FILPRO® · FLINT SILICA DM-SERIES F-SERIES FOUNDRY SANDS FJ-SERIES PRODUCT DATA - hvc-vnu.s. silica company p.o. box 187, berkeley springs, wv 25411-0187 (304) 258-2500 typical properties typical chemical analysis, % product data typical values (% retained on sieve) 40 60 80 100 16 20 30 pan u. s. a. sieve analysis conforms to astm c778 US. Silica Co., Mill Creek, Fort Gay, WV 25514, USA Slac:Silica Sand 8 Pallets Slac:350 Ba Itn# X20120802041955 Gs Astm Graded (C 109) 50 Bags Astm 20/30 Sand Contng 95% Or > Of Silica Bill of lading Shipment data shows what products a company is trading and more.

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